Avi Hercenberg


My successful track record and unique skillset come from a well-rounded experience and seeing things from multiple points of view. 

I started my career in real estate and then healthcare operations, but quickly realized my passion for helping companies implement software for better operational efficiency. 

Next, I Co-Founded Skive, a software implementation agency specializing in identifying and implementing no-code tools like Monday.com, Airtable, Zapier, Make, ClickUp, and many other industry-specific products. 

While working in the service industry, I realized I enjoyed scaling a product more than scaling a service. So, I joined SmartSuite (a startup in the work management space) as VP of Partner Enablement to lead GTM (go-to-market) via our Partner Strategy. 

I'm very well-versed in the B2B productivity/no-code space and passionate about GTM, Growth, and Partnerships. I'm also closely tracking the developments in the AI space because I've seen firsthand the impact AI has on a business, and I am certain of the impact it will have on almost every industry. 

I love technology, software, automation, and innovation! I have experience in GTM, Growth, Product Marketing, Product Strategy, Sales, and Partnerships, and I love getting things off the ground! I'm also passionate about helping companies transform to become digital, efficient, cutting-edge, competitive, and innovative. 

I love getting involved in new things and I'm always looking for new areas I can get involved with. If you feel I can be of help feel free to reach out.